Soligorsk Local History Museum

The museum was founded in 1976. Its doors were opened for visitors on 11 August 1984. The museum is remarkable and unique for its interior in the entire Belarus. The construction of the house is like mining drifts: the ceiling is lowered, the mounting blocks are visible, the edges of showcases are rounded, and their colours is orange and red (the colour of rock salt). The exposition is divided into the following parts: «Ethnography» with the subdivisions «The Culture and Everyday Life of Belarusians», «Folk Crafts and Trades», «Our Land during the Great Patriotic War», «Post-War Reconstruction and Development», «The History of Soligorsk», «Nature and Ecology» with the subsection «Geology» (devoted to the discovery and mining of potash salt in Starobin deposit). There are 24 collections in the museum. The most remarkable of them are: archaeology (stone tools made in 2,000—1,000 B.C.), ethnography (articles of everyday life of the 19th—the beginning of the 20th century and samples of weaving), arts (icons of the late 18th—19th century). The number of exhibits had reached 1, items by 18 402 January 2022. A lot of thematic and overview excursions are offered to the visitors.

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